Lynphil shelties

He has great structure, neck and sound body, great front assembly and rear angulation, nice smooth top line. We are thrilled to announce this stunning Puppy is Champion number one sired by Ch. We are pleased to announce the Second Champion sired by Lance. Ally has matured to be a beautiful girl and we are so proud to have her here at Greendor Shelties!

We are thrilled the 4th Champion sired by Ch. Not to be outdone by her littermate, Rhya, was awarded a Group 2nd placement to completed her Canadian Championship!! This is Champion number 5 for her sire Ch. Tracey is the 3rd Champion for sire Ch. BPIS Ch. Jordie is a Special Lance son that has achieved so much at such a young age. Jordie has won multiple classes in the US shows and now is a Canadian Champion.

We are thrilled!! Jittebug is the seventh Champion Progeny Sired by our boy, Lance. No Photo Available. Tanner is the 8th Champion Progeny sired by our Lance. We could not be more thrilled for Bonnie Rector, Highledge Shelties to have co-bred with Darlene Allison, Ennismoor Collies, and own such a gorgeous puppy!! It was love at first sight! Tanner went into the ring like a rock star winning prestigious wins in Specialty Shows, winning Group Placements and Multiple Puppy Groups. To top it off, Tanner was Owner handled to all these wins!!!

Quincy is the 9th Champion Progeny of our Beloved Lance. Quincy had limited showing and obtained his Can. Championship in short order. Quincy has such a out going temperament and was so much fun to have around in his first year.

He is a gentle boy and loves life. Louis Missouri, by Kim Wendling and was awared a Group 2nd Placement in his class of sable dogs. Remi is the 10th Canadian Champion Sired by my Ch. Remi obtained his American Championship with ease and was awarded his Canadian Championship with limited showing. Congratulations to Sharon!!New Champion.

BPIG Ch. It is so rewarding to have a judge recognize the qualtiy of Ritzy and award her with such a win. Ritzy is the 6th Champion for her Dam Barbie, Ch. Grandgables Turn On Th Charm.

This was the last judging assignment for Morley as he is retiring so I am pleased to have this memory to charish. Morgan did us proud to say the least!! Her first three shows she obtained her Can. Championship at the young age of 7 months. Morgan also received such nice compliments for the Judges which is always nice to hear.

Morgan has now collected her starting points toward her Grand Championship. We are very pleased!!! We had a very sad Christmas this year as we suffered a terribly sad loss. Our Mali became very sick on Saturday morning and with help from our Vet. We tried our best to make her better so she would not leave us but she had other plans. No more suffering our precious girl. RIP You will be missed terribly, there will never be another Mali.

We could not be happier!! Ceira is just 2 points away from obtaining her Can. Championship which she will be out to complete in the next few months.

We can see such potential for this little guy and are very excited about this puppies show career and other possiblities. Wacth for this fellow to be out in the show ring this fall. Will add his name once we can figure out a great name that fits him.

We are thrilled to announce our Ceira is now a new Can.

lynphil shelties

Champion at the young age of 11 months old with limited showing. Ceira will now relax for the rest of the summer and hopefully become a new mom in the fall.Our puppies are home-raised, vet-checked and microchipped prior to leaving.

All puppies have a two-year genetic health and temperament guarantee.

lynphil shelties

We carefully screen prospective buyers, as we are looking to place our puppies in the best possible homes, with the understanding that the puppy is a lifetime commitment. We reserve the right to refuse a sale. Phone calls preferredhowever, if you are sending an e-mailplease provide some information about yourself; what you are looking for, whether or not you have owned a dog before, or if you have any pets at the moment.

lynphil shelties

Also, please state where you live. We can ship to many major cities out of Ottawa International Airport, however, we give preference to families that are able to meet with us and pick up their puppy. Shelties come in many colours. Visit our page to see the range of colours. All our pet sales are now done with minimum contact.

Paperwork is completed online and all visits take place out of doors at a safe distance. No casual visits at the moment. Pet Puppies :. I'll update once we have puppies available Check back from time to time, or drop us a line. Adult Companions: Nothing at the moment. We prefer to place adults with people who have owned a Sheltie before and who have completely fenced secure yards.

Phone inquiries only will be considered. Show Prospects : Check out our new page. Visitation by appointment only.

Sheltie Mio's everyday life \u0026 the beginning of his agility training, 6-8 months old

Pet Puppies : I'll update once we have puppies available All rights reserved. All photos and artwork copyright to original artist. Any copying, downloading or reproducing in any form is forbidden without prior written permission.Ridgewood Farms.

Ridgewood Farms is a small kennel. Summerlove Shetland Sheepdogs is a small hobby kennel located in Florida. Our dogs live in the house, sleep on the bed and patrol the back yard.

Shetland Sheepdog Breeders in Canada

They are. Temperament: Although they can be a bit reserved with strangers, Shelties possess an intense desire to please their owners. This little darling has such an adorable personality. She is beautifully bred and nicely put together. She has a nice light head and sweet expression. We are very. Photos and information about shelties for sale from Summerlove Shetland Sheepdogsa small kennel located in Floridadedicated to breeding quality pets. Dedication to Excellence in our breeding program.

Dog breeders and dog breeds directory. AKC puppies for sale, dogs for sale. Jesstar Shelties website. Prospective buyers are carefully screened. This website is for sale! From general topics to more of what you.

Free French Bulldog Puppies Nh. French Bulldog Puppies Spartanburg Sc. Your email address will not be published.A professional Sheltie breeder is the only trustworthy place to buy a purebred Sheltie puppy in Canada. Dedicated breeders work responsibly by performing genetic testing to avoid passing on hereditary diseases.

They also select their breeding pairs for health, appearance and temperament. Sheltie Photography by Kaylee Robertson. Be sure to visit the breeder's premises when you collect your puppy and ask to meet the puppy's parents. This ensures you're not supporting the cruel puppy mill industry or encouraging backyard breeding which contributes to the problem of dog overpopulation and sees millions of dogs euthanised every year. Like all dog breeds, Sheltie puppies shouldn't be separated from their mother until they're at least 8 weeks old.

Any earlier than this and the puppy becomes nervous and has problems settling into his new home. However, puppies should be re-homed by 12 weeks, when they start forming strong lifelong attachments with their family. So weeks is the window of opportunity to take your puppy home.

For more information on raising a Sheltie puppy, including their vaccination schedule, how to de-worm and de-flea a puppy, and the ethics of de-sexing, see my Shetland Sheepdog Puppy Guide. NOTE: If you suspect a puppy mill or unethical backyard breeder is at work, don't buy any puppies from them. You'll only be funding their cause.

Instead, follow this advice on how to report animal cruelty to your local humane organization or animal shelter. In contrast, you'll recognize a professional Sheltie breeder by visiting their kennels and meeting some of their dogs:. While we aim to list only ethical breeders, we can't vouch personally for all the names in our directories.

Please use your best judgement and only support professional breeding practices.

Shetland Sheepdog Breeders in Canada

Are you so in love with Shelties that you might become a professional Sheltie breeder? There are a few things you need to consider as you explore this exciting lifestyle. I'm sure many Sheltie fanatics have fantasized about breeding their favorite dog breed. I know I have! But this is a major lifestyle choice so please make sure you have the time, money and commitment to put into Sheltie breeding before you dive in.

My best of luck to you if you do! Becky Casale is a writer and science student. She has two Sheltie babies and two human babies who all smell like popcorn.We strive to breed litters and raise puppies that have good temperaments that are well suited for a working career or just a well adjusted member of the family. We start off with the pups at 3 days old by using the "Super Puppy" Early Neurological Stimulation www. Our goal with this program is to develop structurally sound puppies with temperaments that are:.

Energetic with a higher drive for working and learning. Not sensitive, or reacting negatively, to different sounds or textures. Have a stronger chase, follow, prey drive, and herding instinct. Resilient and environmentally stable when exposed to new objects and different places. Focused and show intensity in play and training, such as games of Tug-O-War. Willing to please. Able to problem solve without becoming frustrated or destructive. Each week brings the puppies into a new stage of learning, and we change our levels of exposure and duration of handling to accommodate their daily and weekly developments.

New sights, sounds, textures, smells, and tastes are exposed to the puppies everyday. Even in the winter, on the warmer days, our puppies get "play and explore time" outside with their mom.

By the time our puppies are ready for their new homes, they have walked on many different surfaces, eaten from many different containers in many different places. They will have been exposed to many different sounds, visual stimulations and will have played in several different areas, both inside and out. The puppies will be handled by, exposed to, and played with by many different people. Besides playing with many different types of toys, the young puppies will have played on several pieces of mini agility equipment to help prepare them for a career in that sport.

This is a great benefit to folks who are interested in pursuing Agility training. The Herdabout Shelties' puppy agility play pen. During week seven and eight, the puppies will start making short day trips to see the big world as well as traveling in a car and sleeping in a crate. We keep accurate records of each puppy and their individual reactions to the handling, which are sent along with the puppies to their new homes.

We use the Ugo Potty Training System with our puppies. Curiosity, experimenting, action, reaction. Sights, Sounds, and Textures. Herdabout Shelties ' puppies get lots of learning and experience in their first two months with us. Want to see how our puppies are raised?

lynphil shelties

Watch this video of our puppies out in our puppy agility yard as they play in and on different pieces of puppy agility equipment learning how do walk on different surfaces, building good muscle tone and confidence.

Region of Ontario Canada sheltieland rogers. Our goal with this program is to develop structurally sound puppies with temperaments that are: 1. Summer puppies spend time with us in the pool learning to swim. Please select one of the following options to find out more details. Please check Litters Page for Upcoming Litters.My husband, Mike and I live on a one acre property just a short walk to Lake Huron which gives us some spectacular sunsets.

I have always had a love for shelties but in I finally fulfilled my long time dream to show in Confirmation and breed shelties. Also important is to have quality in health so testing is very important to my breeding program. I have a beautiful foundation girl from Westdel Shelties that not only is the dam or granddam behind my family of Champions but has the special job of being the Welcoming Greeter at the door when we are having visitors.

Mali loves life, happy to ge a great travelling companion or just stay at home to keep you company. She is however the best ball chaser I have ever known and all the other shelties are well aware of this also.

It is Mali whom is the Queen at Greendor Shelties. My shelties are companions shelties, they love the outdoors but also enjoy to lounge indoors with their family. My puppies are raised in the hussle bussle of the kitchen, socialized in a number of different environments before leaving to their new forever homes.

Thank you for visiting our website here at Greendor Shelties. Please take your time to look around and Please feel free to email us if you have any comments or questions.


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